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Top 10 reasons why we give a gift?
Wednesday, October 23, 2013

There are many reasons why people give gifts to their friends, family and business associates. We are social creatures who like to show our appreciation for others by giving them something special that they can use or that they can remember us by. In this article we are going to mention the top 10 reasons why we give gifts to others.

10. Giving a gift as a reward for an accomplishment:
There are some moments in life that are perfect for a gift that rewards an effort in getting a new position in your career or getting a Master’s degree. In any case, it’s very usual that a person will be rewarded with a present in such occasions.

9. Gifts that are given for those less fortunate:
It feels great to help other people with their problems and there is no better way to do this than to donate gifts for children and also for adults that have serious problems in their life and ended up in bad situations economically.

8. Gifts to people you do business with:
The world of business is very important and it’s always good to give a little present to those that we have done business with. It shows that we care about them and about the relationship we have with them at a professional level.

7. When we ask for forgiveness:
Sometimes we do something that upsets others and we want to make it up to them with a nice gift that goes along with an apology. It’s always a good thing to do and people will be more forgiving when they receive a gift. That is of course if what you did wrong wasn’t too serious.

6. Company gifts:
A lot of corporations and even smaller business owners have started the annual tradition of giving their top customers gifts during the holidays. This is also a great way to show your gratitude for their loyalty to your business.

5. Gifts for all holiday events:
This includes Xmas, thanksgiving and even new years for some people. There is no other time when giving gifts is a stressful as the end of the year. The biggest problem is when you leave the gift purchasing for the last day before Christmas.

4. Promoting your products with free samples:
This is one of those things that work as a marketing strategy and many people are doing it with great results. Let’s say for example that you have come up with a new natural shampoo and you decide to hand out free samples so that people can test the quality of what you are offering. If your product really has good quality you will get a lot of those people who tried it out to want more of it.

3. Gifts for encouragement:
Some people have the strategy of giving gifts to others in order to encourage them to do better at something. An example would be the parent that buys his kid a gaming console but tells the kid that this is a gift so that they will make an extra effort in school and if they have bad grades they won’t get anything else again. It’s a great way to encourage effort.

2. Gifts for those most special to us:
There are some very special people in our lives who we consider being themost important and we give them gifts just to show them how much they mean to us. There is no need for holidays or special occasions when it comes to these people. We give them gifts because they matter to us.

1. Gifts for birthdays:
This is probably the most common and known reason why people give gifts. It’s the most personal celebration that each person has and for this reason it makes the top of our list at number one.