Data Loading Services


We have the service to preload the data into the USB as a way to distribute information such as presentations, PDF catalogue, photos, video catalogues and any other file type. Data loading content reduces printed material and it is good for the environment.

We can preload any files for you on the USB flash drives, such as software demo, flash promotions, powerpoint presentation, movie clips and PDF product brochures. The placed files can be removed by the users.

We can also place files on the USB flash drive and make them non-erasable. This function is very useful when you want the contents never removed by the end users, such as marketing materials and catalogues.

With logo autorun function, the chosen logo will appear on the computer screen when the USB flash drive is inserted into the computer. After a couple of seconds the logo will disappear, and then the USB flash drive can be used under normal conditions. With this unique feature, an instant reminder of your company is provided each time the end users use the flash drive to transfer files or back up documents. Please note that auto-runs will not work on Macs and some PCs with very high security settings. Auto-runs data can be deleted or undeletable.

Instead of having the text "removable drive" displayed in the drive letter window, we can have your logo set as drive icon to replace the default icon. When the USB flash drive is inserted in a computer, the window of the USB drive will appear on the screen with your logo as drive icon